Does Your Credit Union Need To...

Grow Membership

Engage Members

Serve The Community

Offer More Than Banking

Offer Financial Wellness

In an increasingly competitive industry, some credit unions realize that their competitive advantage is going beyond banking products. Credit Unions that are truly financial wellness organizations focus on solving the financial needs of their community and have deeper conversations and relationships.
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Appeal To New Members

Member growth is the key to a sustainable future, but finding and attracting qualifying new members becomes increasingly difficult. By partnering with Expedition Money to offer financial wellness to your existing members and prospects, you have a new opportunity to connect with your existing prospects but also have the potential of receiving a new associational charter and a whole new path to membership.

Deepen Relationships

The credit union's share of the member wallet is usually only a fraction of what's available. By becoming indispensable as a place for real financial solutions, you can earn a larger share responsibility of the members' assets and even have an opportunity to expand into new products and services.
"These conditions are pushing credit union members to make difficult financial trade-offs, and they need help.

Increasingly, they are looking
beyond their credit union to find it. "

The Features
You Want

In A Program That Works

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What Your Credit Union Gets

Full Access To Expedition Money

Your people will get immediate access to everything through the BASECAMP website.

User Management Portal

You can add, manage, and remove users on your own.

Live Reports & Tracking

See course progress and program utilization reports live.

Hundreds Of Social Media Posts

Get hundreds of social media posts and promotional materials to spread the word.

Launch & Engagement Training

Access to recorded trainings to learn how to manage, promote, and leverage your program.

Serve ALL Of Your Members & Prospects

For As Little As


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