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Built From Experience

This program has been built by discovering what truly works. With over two decades in the personal finance industry, Peter has worked in banking, consulting, investment management, HR benefits, and financial wellness. He has helped build three previous financial wellness programs which has led to this penultimate program that incorporates everything he's wanted to provide to those seeking financial independence.
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Peter Waitzman

Author | Speaker | Entrepreneur | Finance Enthusiast | YouTuber

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Focus On Four Common Needs

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A Good Job

Wellness starts with purpose and income found in a "good" job. The definition is different for everyone, but the attributes are largely the same. Expedition Money will help you find satisfaction and balance with your job and income. 
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Solve Struggles

You can't see the forest through the trees when you're constantly putting out fires. If you're struggling financially, you're in a reactive mode, incapable of getting ahead or planning for the future. Expedition Money will help you stop the struggling and find surplus to build a future upon.
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Guided Firsts

It's easy to tell people what they should do. But Expedition Money shows people how to do it. Especially when it's your first time buying a car, home, investment property, paying for college, or starting a business, the unknown can stop us from even trying. Expedition Money wants to walk you through these "firsts" so you can turn avoidance into accomplishment.
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Create Income Stream

The key to financial independence is how to make money work for us. Even traditional retirement is saving so that you can provide yourself income in retirement. But the traditional method isn't the only method. Expedition Money will help you find the right opportunities and build a source of income so that you can have the freedom of choice.
Chasing Dreams

Changing Lives

We don't obsess about broad, generalized metrics. We want every individual to realize their own goals and dreams. We provide the framework and ideas. You provide the direction and the dreampower. Together, we climb.
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Some Of The Clients Fully Invested In Their People

Experienced Advisors

Dennis Waitzman

Financial Planner

David Flores

Insurance & Benefits Expert

AJ Tyll

HR Benefits Expert

Jill Kruckenberg

Financial Coach

Jonathan Mulhausen

Banking Strategist

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.
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