What is financial wellness?

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Why Provide A Financial Wellness Program?


Of employees want their company to offer increased access to financial planning.


Of employers provide financial wellness benefits to employees.


The cost of annual salaries to employers for workforce financial stress


Financial wellness is the most requested benefit by employees.

How Does Expedition Money Help?

Increase Security

We create effective tools and education to enhance understanding of budgeting, saving, investing, career planning, and entrepreneurship to build responsible financial habits.

Build Confidence

Creating improved financial habits can boost confidence as individuals gain a sense of control and mastery over their money, allowing them to fearlessly navigate financial challenges. 

Reduce Stress

Healthy financial habits can alleviate stress by providing individuals with a structured and sustainable approach to managing their money.

Improve Productivity

By minimizing distractions and worries associated with financial stress, individuals can focus their time and energy on professional pursuits with greater concentration and efficiency.

What You Get

Full Access To Wellness Tools

Courses, articles, videos, newsletters, books, worksheets, calculators, the podcast, and more are all available 24/7.

User Management Portal

Add and remove users at your convenience. Control access to program features.

Reports & Progress Dashboard

See what topics and courses are being used. Check on utilization and progress.

Social Media Promotional Posts

Promote your new financial wellness offering with hundreds of ready-to-go social media posts.

Training, Welcome Emails & Templates

Get walked through the whole system with our clear video instructions.
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The Most Affordable Program

As little as $30/month for your entire organization!

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