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I was drowning in credit cards, student loans, and a car payment. Despite my degree in economics, no fancy math could get me out of my situation. I took drastic actions, including some that almost meant freezing to death one Chicago winter.

I took the long, hard journey to get rid of my debt, and I learned a lot of tips and tricks along the way. I also discovered other highly effective options that I wish I had known about earlier. I put them all into this book.

I’m sure that you want to break free from your debt as soon as possible, so there’s no clutter here. I share practical details with you and delve into options that other experts often avoid. I provide strategies, tools, worksheets, and contact information for everything that you need to start getting out of debt today.

Getting out of debt does not have to mean a lifetime of sacrifices. Your journey could be shorter than you think. If you’re ready to make the expedition to freedom as fast as possible, then start here.

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Kids Coloring Books

I want people to get fully invested in their future as early as possible. With these coloring books, I am hoping that we can bring our passion for personal finance to children… to introduce them in subtle and fun ways to embrace budget-friendly activities, be creators, contributors, and ultimately become self-sufficient.

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Kids Money Lessons Books

Each of these children stories teaches a single financial lesson from saving to entrepreneurship... from spending to giving. These are simple, short books that are perfect for introducing kids to money concepts.

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Adult Coloring Books

Sometimes we just need to clear our head to get us back on track. Adult coloring books are a great way to disconnect and express our creativity. A few moments can help you manage stress or help you re-energize. The expedition can be long and tiring, so it's imperative to invest in your mental health along the way.

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